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Hundreds of singers have passed before the eyes and ears of Casey Collins. His students succeed at finding more of themselves, almost immediately, through their voices. Many go on to fulfilling careers across the stages and in the studios of the world.

Making the journey of teacher and student a playful, natural movement is one of Collins true living gifts.

His consummate attention to singers is a natural expansion of his own expression of singing. And Casey Collins is a singer. Collins was encountered as a child prodigy 11 years of age. His recordings from that time display a boy soprano with a multi octave voice he has sustained to this day. Having been a child talent informs his relationship with very new singers. His students balance, powerfully, agility, honesty and ease in every register.

Educated and championed from childhood by Florence Riggs and Seth Riggs, in a blend of their specialties, Collins studied by apprenticeship. Lessons reveal echoes of the core teachings behind and beneath Speech Level Singing.

"I don’t have an agenda when I meet with singers, initially. My only intent is to be present and evocative. Singers have to present themselves, through their voices, to a teacher. When I am that teacher my only goal is to help each singer, individually, become the best of themselves. To change an artists natural presentation is offensive. Only to grow the voice. "

Published by Island Records and PolyGram, Collins with his creative collaborator, musician Adam Conway, wrote across the 1980’s and 90's. Internationally made recordings of songs are available. He continues to record and write for talent before and directly through the recording studio to the road. His 2010 hit with the Jazz Erik Deutsch and Eric Moon, So Sure, for Jazz singer Meryl Romer was heavily approved of by the literary Jazz community.

“He’s his own thing. His work is completely original. His singers unfold.”

"Delay is meaningless to Eternity.
It is, however, deadly in time."




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