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Vocal Arts Collective Philosophy

Welcome to Vocal Arts Collective. As working musicians and lover of music we understand fully the contribution that the arts make to our lives. Music opens us, challenges us to think differently, impacts our culture and enriches our lives, every day. We believe that anyone, regardless of ‘natural’ ability, can perform with the proper training and guidance.  Just as important as the notes themselves is the desire to learn and love of the process. Unlocking the passion for music is the first step to becoming a proficient vocalist. Through breathing techniques, proper placement, knowledge of theory and physical mechanics, lyric interpretation and a feeling of total safety- there are no mistakes! The channel is opened and the artist emerges.

As each student is different, so is each voice lesson. We take time to pinpoint the key elements that require development and strive to inspire each student to be his or her personal best. We lead by example: we are consistently working vocalists with years of professional experience in all aspects of the music industry. We hold ourselves to a very high standard of excellence and we expect the same dedication and love for the arts from our students.

As our services are consistently in demand, it is important to understand that there will be times when your instructor may be unavailable to teach because of a performance engagement or studio session. We will always give as much notice as possible when these occasions arise, so that we may reschedule at a time convenient for your schedule. It is important, as with any field of study, to be consistent, so that the skill set can accumulate and improvement can be made.  We encourage all students to practice as much as possible, which should be fun! We provide backing tracks of all songs we develop so that it is easy to practice at home.  Typically, we suggest students book one session per week, additional lessons if there is a pressing audition or upcoming performance.


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