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Vocal Arts Collective Student Info and Policies

Signing up with Vocal Arts Collective just takes a few simple steps. 

First, download our New Student Information Sheet: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Next, read and fill out the form.

Finally, fax the completed form to 818-562-7805 or just give the instructor the completed form at the first lesson.


Vocal Arts Collective Student Policies

Lessons will not be given without a signed policy sheet.

  • Fax to 818-562-7805 or hand to instructor at the beginning of the first lesson.

Cancellation/ Make Up Policy:

  • Lessons must be cancelled or rescheduled 24 hours in advance otherwise lesson time will be charged/forfeited. This policy is in force, with the exceptions of extreme illness or emergency (to be assessed per situation).

  • If an instructor cancels (please expect this, as we are all in demand vocalists/actors) you have the option to schedule a make up lesson at a time convenient for both parties, or, in the case of monthly tuition students you can have the lesson amount credited to your next lesson.


  • Monthly tuition is due on the first lesson of the month. There is a 10% discount given to hourly students who choose to exercise this option.

  • Payment can be made by cash or check made payable directly to the instructor.

  • If you choose to pay per lesson, payment is due at the beginning of the lesson. Understand that if you choose to pay as you go, your time slot is not guaranteed.

Lesson Rules (read carefully!)

  • All of the instructors at Vocal Arts Collective expect that all students conduct themselves with maturity and respect for the service we are providing.

  • Please be on time for your lesson. You have reserved a block of time and we will honor your scheduled lesson time. If you are tardy, you forfeit that time and your lesson will end on schedule. If you are more than 15 minutes late for a lesson, our instructors are advised to leave and your lesson will be forfeit. If you are a monthly subscriber you will forfeit that lesson, if you pay per lesson, you will be billed for the instructor’s time and travel.

  • It is recommended that you obtain the instructor’s cell phone number in case of emergency, tardiness or need to reschedule.

  • If parents choose to observe lessons, we encourage, but do not require it. Oftentimes, students find it easier to progress without being observed, but we respect whichever option is most comfortable for the student. If parents are observing, we respectfully request that you OBSERVE ONLY. Please respect our craft and allow us to teach without interjection. If there are questions or concerns, please address them several minutes prior to the end of the lesson so that our instructors may stay on schedule.

Cancellation of Study

  • Please allow us the courtesy of canceling study with two weeks notice so that we may schedule another student in your time slot.

  • We reserve the right to cancel study with any student at any time for any reason.



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